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Domestic & International Payment Gateway for UAE

Accept domestic and international payments with various payment options. Choose from a range of integrations to give the best checkout experience to your customers.

Online Payment Gateway for UAE

Below are some of our unique traits that sets us apart from the other companies in the UAE.

Lowest Setup Fee

We assure you the Lowest Setup Fee.

Quick Approval

Complete the documentation and get approval ASAP.

Easy Documentation

Documentation process is quite easy and simple.

Lots of Payment Options

Let your customers pay by any card - Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay is coming soon.

Fast Settlements

Automated and Manual Settlement. Quick and Hassle free.

Go Global

Reach customers across the globe with international payment gateway. Show items in 125+ foreign currencies.


Below are some of our unique traits that sets us apart from the other Payment Gateway companies in the UAE.

Saved Cards

Save customers from typing card credentials every time. Only CVV and 3-D secure password will be required during next transaction.

Recurring Payments

Auto-debit funds for periodic payments via cards, UPI and net banking.


Block funds when a customer places an order. If the order is modified or cancelled within a week, process instant refund without paying any charges.

Higher than Industry Success Rate

With smart dynamic rerouting between multiple bank payment gateways, experience the highest success rate every time.

Real-time Reconciliation

Know real-time status of all customer payments and avoid ambiguity with real-time reconciliation.

Your Website Your Checkout Page

Customize the checkout page to look like your website or application.

Great Pricing Plan

Sell in UAE OR anywhere
Being an international payment gateway, you can receive payments in your local bank account from global customers. Reach buyers without having to set up an office. Get in touch for details.

Multi-currency Payments
Accept international payments in 125+ currencies including AED, USD, GBP, EUR, CAD. Convert currency dynamically from AED during checkout.

Let's get started

One time Fee. No Monthly or Annual Fees EVER!


We Help Businesses Grow and Innovate

We have empowered 1000s of Companies to accept Online Payments


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